We believe that under the Desert of the Real it is yet feasible to craft a future out of the golden paths leading to dimensions outside imperialistic control, algorithmic oracles and cognitive limitations. To overcome the disenchantment of the contemporary world, a general aestheticization of the infinitely small entities value is essential. But, as fine art has lost its intensity and expressiveness in a hyperreal era, we agree with Mark Fisher when stated that “fashion remains the last redoubt of Appearance and Fantasy”, and our work is precisely motivated by the inevitable search for the optimum path. That in which selfish transcendence is dissolved, and the process of becoming through the sovereign of media landscapes lead to the rebirth of ordinary men.

You’re welcome to this exploration for the optimum path.


Your soul waits to be awakened

Haçienda must be built.

About Collection

The parasitical rising of anxiety through the human organs as that mystical balloon in space ignites until it reaches its toxic and beautiful climax. Picturesque disfigurement of the psyche by the illustration of fabrics that make up the arteries of this faded bitmap. For DUNE-LIKE, no resonance should be seen as the diabolical fruit of a reality based on the plasticity of the automatons and its synthetic materials. It rises from its rhizomes a vertiginous psychic hunger of branched dimensions out of time, of spaces that bleed for the manifestation of a bloody magic forest while the night of time exposes its magnetic smile.